2019 Board of Directors


Executive Board

Ronnie  Adams   -   President

Beverly Jones   -   Vice President

Barbara Wood   -   Treasurer

Stephanie Micklem   -   Secretary

General Board

Tom "Ding" Berry

Allen Campbell

Troy Cash

Ernie Guill

William "Goldie" Gouldthorpe

Alonzo Mathews

Gary Mays Sr.

Thanks to Leah Gibbs for four years of dedicated service and guidance in the beginning when we were striving to make the Hall of Fame an event that would honor the inductees the best way possible.

Since 2012 the eleven Board Members listed above have served as  the foundation of the Amherst County Sports Hall of Fame. They were the founders, who for the past seven years have continued to work tirelessly so the Inductees can receive the recognition they deserve.

In 2018 we lost a dear friend and the twelfth board member of this  great organization.

                                       C.T. Wingfield

C.T's dedication to the Hall of Fame was sincere and he served with passion. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him and he will forever be remembered as one of the founders of the Amherst County Sports Hall of Fame. 


Hey Coach


Don't you really think I should have been a starter from day one

Best Friends


CT and his Dad

A picture is worth a thousand words

Please click on the photos below for for a few fond memories

Great Times


CT and Stephanie

Enjoying fun times